Understanding a “Zip of Weed” and Its Cost

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A “zip of weed” is a common term in cannabis culture, referring to an ounce, which equates to just over 28 grams of marijuana. Typically, a zip is considered the largest quantity one can purchase from a dispensary in a single transaction, making it a significant measurement in routine cannabis buying.

While seasoned cannabis enthusiasts may include “zip” as part of their standard vocabulary alongside traditional slang, those less familiar with cannabis terminology might find it perplexing.

Origin of the Term “Zip”

The origin of the term “zip” is a subject of debate, with some attributing it to the use of Ziploc bags for storing marijuana. However, there is no concrete evidence supporting this claim. Similar to many other cannabis slang terms, the true origin of “zip” remains unclear.

While the connection to Ziploc bags is speculative, what is known is that, for many cannabis users, 28 grams, or one zip of weed, represents a substantial quantity.

In certain regions, such as California, a zip is the legal limit one can purchase at once. Other commonly purchased quantities include an “eighth” (3.5 grams), a quarter (7 grams), and so forth.

Cost of a Zip

The price of a zip varies across states and dispensaries, influenced by factors such as cannabis quality, rarity, and local market maturity. Generally, states with well-established legal cannabis markets tend to have lower prices, while newer markets may experience higher costs.

For instance, the estimated cost of a zip of cannabis flower is around $207 in California, $200 in Colorado, and significantly higher at around $330 in medical-only states like Minnesota or North Dakota.

The Pacific Northwest offers some of the most affordable zips on the legal market, with an ounce in Washington and Oregon priced at around $197 and $187, respectively. On average, a zip of weed costs approximately $250 in the United States. High Spirits prices a zip of weed at $225, $25 below the average.

However, beyond location, the specific strain or cultivar making up the ounce significantly influences the price. Strains with higher THC content, such as Black Cherry, tend to cost more than more balanced strains like Purple Punch. However, High Spirits prices all strains the same for a better customer experience.

For individuals considering purchasing a zip of marijuana, experience plays a crucial role. Newer users are advised to start with smaller quantities to avoid investing in a large quantity of cannabis that may not align with their preferences or tolerance.

Considering factors like THC content, personal experience level, and intended usage goals can help guide users in making informed decisions about strain selection and dosing methods. Seeking guidance from healthcare providers, such as those available through Leafwell, can further assist in finding the right cannabis products.

Duration of a Zip of Weed

The longevity of a zip of weed depends on individual consumption methods and frequency. With 28 grams, a zip could yield anywhere from 28 to 84 joints with varying potency levels. Alternatively, using the zip for home baking of edibles could last for months due to their long-lasting and potent effects.

It’s crucial to use caution and avoid using the entire zip in a single batch to prevent overspending and ensure dosages in baked goods remain suitable for users, even those experienced with cannabis.

In Conclusion

In summary, a zip of weed refers to an ounce, equivalent to 28 grams. Cannabis is available in various quantities, ranging from smaller amounts like a single gram to more moderate amounts like 7 grams (a quarter) and up to a zip. While experienced cannabis users may know precisely what they want, newcomers are encouraged to start with smaller quantities to ease into the experience.

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